Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cash Crate

CashCrates overall web design seems a little more user friendly. The payout also seems to be more than other websites. Pros; CashCrate has a nice feature where you can list the offers as 100% free from the most payout to the least. You can also set your limit on when you want a check to be cut. Cons: Some of the surveys they list as free actually are not. You go through the whole process then it asks you to select a silver or gold product. These items are ususally free but you have to pay for shipping and handling. I have also had problems with the websites shutting down after I click NO to an offer. The latest: I applied for a credit card through cashcrate and it was to be a 30 dollar reward for completed application and first use. Last I checked the 30 dollars pending is ..Poof!.. gone. I have put an email in to thte support center...

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